Thursday, November 22

Walgreens Thanksgiving Shopping (Round 2), $11.64 Money Maker

I'm not going to break down these 11 transactions, but here are some highlights:

Some of the Sheets Energy/Sheets Sleep boxes have $1/1 Sheets coupons inside.  If you buy a box, check your box to make the next one a money maker!

Tousle Me Softly Herbal Essence was on clearance at my Walgreens for $1.99, but is still producing the $3 Register Reward!  If you have $1/1 blinkies, it becomes an even bigger money maker!

My cashier tried the Scruncii bonus packs and said they were working for the Register Reward, but they are NOT working.  She scanned the regular ones, but let me have the bonus packs.

In the end, this was an $11.64 money maker trip! :)

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