Thursday, September 5

Jewel Shopping, $3.25

Wow, do I miss couponing deals like this!  Jewel is currently running a "Buy 3, Save $5 instantly" off participating P&G products.  I bought the following at 3 Jewel stores.  (It's next to impossible to find the Puffs in stock, but try looking for special displays.)  I could have done better, but I only had one P&G insert.

3 Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner (40 oz), $2.79 each
Used B2G1 from 9/1 P&G
3 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (2 ct), $2.79 each
Used B2G1 from 9/1 P&G
Febreeze Set & Refresh, $2.59
Used $1/1 from 9/1 P&G
11 Puffs with Lotion (124 ct), $1.79 each
Used $.25/3 from 9/1 P&G
3 Febreeze Air Effects, $2.59 each
Used B1G1 from 9/1 P&G

-$35 in Instant Savings

Subtotal: $2.37, Total: $3.25

Sunday, September 1

Walgreens: $.50 Pampers Wipes

Check out what I spotted at Walgreens today!  The shelves had tags saying Pampers wipes were on sale for $2, with a $1.50 Register Reward back!  I didn't remember seeing that advertised.  (The ad shows diapers producing a $1.50 RR.)  I bought one and no Register Reward.  The manager came and said he'd just put it on a gift card for me.  So here's what my transactions looked like:

Transaction 1:
Pampers Wipes, $2
Subtotal: $2, Total $2.15
"Paid" with $2,000 points and $.15 OOP

Transaction 2:
5 Pampers Wipes, $2 each
Subtotal: $10, Total: $10.75
"Paid" with 10,000 points and $.75 OOP

Got back $9 Gift card (6x$1.50=$9)
Net cost for 6 packages of wipes: $3.90

This is a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) situation!  The RR did not print for me.  Make sure your store has the tag, as pictured above, and hopefully you get a friendly manager. :)