Sunday, July 8

And So Begins Back to School Shopping, $4.28

Stores are starting the Back to School sales already!  As a teacher, I don't want to think about "Back to School," but as a Couponer, bring on the deals!

I went to Staples and Office Max today.  You can view the Staples Weekly Ad here and the Office Max Weekly Ad here.

4 PaperMate Mechanical Pencils (5 ct), $.25 each (limit 4)
4 Bic Dry erase Markers (4 ct), $.50 each (limit 4)
Subtotal: $3, Total: $3.21

Office Max:
Sharpe Fine Black Markers (12 ct), $1.00 with in-ad coupon
Subtotal: $1, Total: $1.07

A word of warning for fellow teachers, Staples used to allow teachers to get class sets of items at the special prices.  They have changed their policy.  Now teachers must follow the limits set.  Additional items can be purchased at regular price, then teachers can get the difference via rebate. thanks!  As a teacher who took a pay freeze last year and will probably begin this year without a contract, I don't have that extra money to throw into rebates.  Sure, I'll get around it by hopping between Staples or dragging my boyfriend along, but it saddens me that Staples would do this to teachers.  If you're a teacher and wish to write to Staples regarding this, or you're someone who just respects teachers, please e-mail Staples corporate here.

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