Saturday, October 27

Adventures in Pinterest: DIY Stick Figure Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!
Earlier this week, my class had their Halloween party, so I needed a costume.  I'm not a huge fan of store bought costumes.  My mom always made my costumes when I was a child (and even some since I've grown)!  I love creative costumes, but I'm not very crafty and I'm definitely cheap.  That's why I was glad I came across the picture below on Pinterest.

Pinterest Photo

Once I had the idea, I headed to Walmart for supplies!  I bought a long sleeved white t-shirt, found white pants on clearance, and picked up some electric tape for under $1.  I enlisted my friend, Kerry, to make my head.  We got a piece of white fun foam from Michael's.  She made the face for me by drawing it with a Sharpie and adding black pipe cleaners for hair.  We just attached a velcro dot with some ribbon to the back and tied to it my head.  Simple, easy, and cheap!

Did any of you make your own costume this year?  Have any frugal Halloween tips to share?

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