Friday, October 12

Giveaway: $100 Marriott eTravelCard (and my experience)

***** This giveaway has ended. *****

Welcome to my very first giveaway!!!

Did you know that at any given time, there’s up to $10 billion worth of coins out of circulation in the United States?  Money that is just sitting there collecting dust when it could be used to see the world, help pay for holiday travel...or at least fund a weekend get-away, spa retreat or a round of golf!  

Coinstar and Marriott have recently partnered to give consumers a way to turn that change into a Marriott eTravelCard.

Coinstar and Marriott provided me with a $75 Marriott eTravelCard to use as I saw fit, AND included a $100 Marriott eTravelCard for me to give a reader!

My first job was to cash in coins at a Coinstar Kiosk for a Marriott eTravelCard.  Kiosks offering Marriott eTravelCards can be found here:

Cashing in the coins was easy!  I simply followed the touch screen instructions,

poured in my coins,

and collected my eCard!

Because I chose a gift card (of which Marriott is one of MANY options), there was no fee to use Coinstar!  I LOVE that!

Next I had a big decision.  Did I want to use my $75 in Marriott eTravel Card for a spa treament?  Brunch?  A round of golf?  I decided to head to the Marriott Resort in Lincolnshire, IL for Sunday Brunch at the King's Wharf Restaurant with my boyfriend.

King's Wharf Restaurant: Marriott Resort; Lincolnshire, IL
Brunch was amazing!  We were immediately greeted by our waiter and served orange juice and champagne.  From the jumbo shrimp to the Eggs Benedict, everything was delicious.

But, my absolute favorite part was the desserts.  Don't they look amazing?!

The only hiccup was in redeeming my Marriott eTravel Card.  Our waiter had never seen them before, as they are printed on a receipt, rather than a plastic gift card.  He had to go to the front desk to enter the gift card, but in the end all worked out well.  The employees at Marriott were beyond kind and professional!  They truly know how to treat their guests.

Now, for what you've all been waiting for!  To enter for your chance to win a $100 Marriott eTravelCard, simply comment below (in either comment box), telling me how you would use your $100 Marriott eTravelCard.  Entries will be accepted through Friday, 10/19/12 at 11:59PM.  One entry per person.  Winner will randomly be chosen from all valid entries.  Good luck!

Coinstar and Marriott have paid me to blog about their products/services.  All opinions are my own.


  1. This could pay for a room at Vegas for a night. I would just need to pay for another day or two... more money to gamble! :D

  2. WOW.. I would like to buy a watch for my Boyfriend , his birthday is on 20th October. He wants that watch like anything so I wish .... Fingers Crossed.. <3<3

  3. My daughter has a dance convention in Dallas in November and we are SERIOUSLY strapped for cash and don't know we are going to afford going and staying in a hotel....... so I would SOOOOO use it on this trip!!!!!!!!

  4. Well, because I haven't had a real vacation since I was diagnosed with my heart condition two years ago, I think I would use it to go somewhere (anywhere!) warm with my husband for Christmas or New Year's Eve!

  5. Wow, this is like a free weekend vacation! Thank you!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  6. I would use it for an overnight stay in Washington DC.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  7. Something at the Lincolnshire Marriott.... A show maybe?

  8. Thanks for giving use a chance at this great offer Erin Barton. Free Business Cards

  9. Oh, how happy it would make me. Since my boyfriend lives 4000 miles away and visiting each other is so expensive, this travel card would help us stay at Philly for a short weekend! :)

    1. Elizabeth! You're the winner, but there isn't a way for me to contact you. Please contact me at with subject line "Marriott Giveaway" with your complete name and address. If I don't hear from you by Sunday night, I will choose a different winner on Monday. Thanks for entering and congratulations!

  10. This would be a fun thing for me and my husband!! We don't do much together... ha!
    (hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com)

  11. I would use it toward a weekend getaway in Chicago for my son and I.

    Thank you.
    won2xx at gmail dot com

  12. I would love to use it towards a weekend getaway at a location near va beach!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  13. would use it to go to fresno to visit in-laws....stay at the courtyard marriot
    cgies25 at hotmail

  14. I would use it for my husband and I to getaway before Christmas.

    Andrsnfmlyp at netscape dot net

  15. First of all I think this is an awsome giveaway Thanks Erin Barton. My hubby and I really need a mini vacation, I'm so stressed. it would just be great....

    Pat Solis

  16. Hi,I would use it to celebrate my boyfriend birthday thats coming up soon, it would be a surprise for him, thanks.