Monday, February 4

BzzAgent: Redbox Instant Review and A FREE Month for You?!

As I've mentioned before, I'm a member of BzzAgent, an awesome site that is all about word of mouth!  As a BzzAgent, I get a chance to participate in BzzCampaigns.  They send me all sorts of goodies to try, along with high value coupons to share with friends!

One of my current BzzCampaigns is for Redbox Instant by Verizon.  I was given a FREE trial month to try it out.

The pros?  Well, it was FREE!  But, beyond that, it's only $8 a month AND you get 4 credits for DVD rentals at Redbox Kiosks per month!  Rentals are normally $1.20 each, so when you take that into account, you're only paying $3.20 more to stream unlimited movies.  Not bad!

The cons?  You have to stream through a computer, tablet, phone, etc.  I currently use Netflix, which I stream through my Wii and Blu Ray.  Not being able to stream to my TV is a major con for me.

Want to try Redbox Instant for a month?  Head over to and enter your e-mail.  You'll get added to a list for a chance to try it out FREE for a month!  Just be sure to cancel before your month is up to avoid being billed.

Oh!  And interested in becoming a BzzAgent?  You can do that here!

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