Monday, February 25

CVS Shopping, $0.14

10 Stayfree, $3.99 each
*See explanation of how I got these FREE below.

2 Crest with Scope (2.7 oz), $2.87 each
Currently working with the Buy 1, Get $3 ECB (limit 2) Crest deal advertised.  There was no sign by this size, but I had read this worked for others.

Subtotal: $5.74, Total: $6.14 on gift card
Got back $6 ECB from Crest
Net Cost: $0.14

*Remember the Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Stayfree coupon that came out in January (and expired earlier this month) that paired with the Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Stayfree sale at CVS?  This deal made for 2 FREE packages of Stayfree per coupon.  Well, many CVS stores sold out right away.  I got a raincheck and kept checking store shelves and they were always cleared out.  The day the coupon expired, I asked a manager if I could use the coupon past the expiration date since they still didn't have stock of the product.  (I had heard of some stores doing this.)  He wrote on the raincheck "coupons ok" along with his initials, then stapled the coupons to the raincheck.  Finally, today, I found enough Stayfree in stock!  I don't think all CVS stores would allow this, but it's worth asking!

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