Saturday, November 2

Babies R Us Shopping, $4.82

A couple great deals to watch out for at Babies R Us!

1. Right now there is a promo on select BabyGantics items.  Save $3 when you buy 2.  Some stores have some trial sizes marked under a $1, so FREE when you buy 2.  (No overage, but no tax either!)  You can check the prices and make sure they're included in the promo by scanning them at a price scanner in the store.  I had to go to 3 stores to find them this cheap.  At some stores, they are more expensive.  Good luck!

2. My Babies R Us also had Halloween clothes, accessories, and costumes for 75% off.

Here's what I bought?

"My First Boo!" Onesie, Regular $12.99, 75% off clearance, $3.25
Halloween Bib, Regular Price $4.99, 75% off clearance, $1.25
6 BabyGantics Bed Bug Repellent (3.38 fl oz), $0.98 each
-$3/2 promo making them all FREE
4 BabyGantics Stain Stain Go Away Stain Remover (2 fl oz), $0.48 each
-$3/2 promo making them all FREE
26 BabyGantics The Grime Fighter All-Purpse Household Cleaner (2 fl oz), $0.48 each
-$3/2 promo making them all FREE
Subtotal: $4.50, Total: $4.82

Even better, I paid using part of a $10 gift card I got for free when I created a baby registry at Babies R really I got everything for FREE!

(Thanks, Lori of couPWNing!)

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