Saturday, November 2

Walgreens: 6 Double Rolls of TP for just $1.25 per package

There's a nice "double dip" at Walgreens today!  Most stores activate their Sunday sales on Saturday.  When it overlaps with a sale going for the current week, it's a "double dip."  Through today, Nice! Toilet paper (6 double rolls) are 2/$5.  Starting tomorrow, they're buy 1, get 1 free.  Since these deals are overlapping at most stores today, it works out to Buy 1 at $2.50, get 1 FREE...or $1.25 per 6 double rolls!  That works out to just over 10 cents per single roll!

I ended up buying 20 packages.  I used 4 $4.50 Register Rewards, 10000 points, and just paid just $3.28 out of pocket.

(Thanks, Nancy of TheCouponCafe!)

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