Sunday, November 10

Kmart Shopping, $2.27

A huge thank you to Aubrey over at couPWNing for sharing her Kmart 10 cent finds!  I was able to score the following:

9 Joe Boxer Earrings, $.10 each
1 Joe Boxer Hair Clip, $.10
10 Bongo Earrings, $.10 each
1 Jacklyn Smith Earrings, $.10
1 Halloween Barette, Regular $.99, 70% off, $.29
Used 10% off Friends and Family coupon found in store.
Subtotal: $2.15, Total: $2.27

Kmart has several things on unmarked clearance for $0.10.  Scan clearance items at a scanner to see if it will ring up for 10 cents!

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