Monday, December 10

JCP: Now That's Customer Service!

Wow!  If you follow the Bargain Barton Facebook page, you may have read my post reaching out for help dealing with an issue I was having with JCPenney.  On Cyber Monday, I had placed a $40+ order for a pair of boots and snowpants for a family in need.  I got confirmation that the order should arrive in about 5-7 business days.  A week later, I logged into my account and there was no record of my order.  This worried me, so I immediately e-mailed customer service and reached out on their Facebook page.  Other than being told to send a private message, I heard nothing for several days.  In the mean time, I was relieved that my order did arrive!

Finally, I received the following message on Facebook:
Hey Erin - My apologies for the delayed response. I checked your order and it has invoiced which means it is preparing to ship out. I am so sorry for the delay. I would love to send you (5) $10 Merchandise Certificates for the delay if you would just confirm the address I would be sending them to.

Now, that, in my opinion, is going above in beyond! Decent customer service is so rare today.  While it took them a long time to respond, I did receive my order in a timely manner, was apologized to, treated with respect, and given certificates that more than covered the cost of my order! Major props to JCPenney!

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