Friday, April 6

Pleasantly Surprised by the New JCP

When I first heard that JCPenney was doing away with coupons and their sales, I pretty much thought I was done with the store.  They now offer Everyday Low Prices and Month Long Values (lower price on select items for the entire month).

The other day I received a mailer that said:
Every first and third Friday we make room for new stuff by moving great stuff to its best price.
And while Friday is your best bet to get our best, these prices last until those goods are gone.
Just look for the blue. Best Price Fridays. Only at jcpenney.

Well, today is the first Friday of the month, so I decided to check things out!  Here are some pictures:

Junior Clothes Marked as Low as $2!
Jewelry as Low as $1!

Men's Thermals and Wallets for $2
Children's Clothes as Low as $3!

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